Jade Tyrrell

City Member


Jade is passionate about supporting the personal and professional development of young lawyers, and is deeply committed to furthering the Law Society’s goals of increasing access to justice, improving diversity within the profession and promoting and preserving value for all members.

Jade is a commercial and dispute resolution lawyer, and she sits on the Law Society’s Litigation Law and Practice Committee as the Young Lawyer representative. She is also the Chair of the Young Lawyers Civil Litigation Committee. These experiences, coupled with her years of active involvement on the Young Lawyers Executive Council, place Jade in a strong position to be a dedicated and effective representative.

“The Law Society should not just continue to be, but must be seen to be, a strong voice for the profession in a manner which remains relevant and adds value for members,” said Jade. “The Law Society’s voice is well-respected in law reform debates and discussions, and I am keen to see continued strong advocacy by the Law Society that respects the great diversity in our profession - advocacy not just on government policy, but in raising the day to day issues that confront us as lawyers serving clients.”

“The practice of law is changing rapidly, along with the demands upon practitioners to adapt to crucial new technologies. The Law Society must continue to provide the greatest possible assistance to practitioners at all levels to ensure they can prepare for any future challenges and different forms of disruption.”

Jade’s involvement in a number of networks across the profession and her interest in mentoring younger practitioners will ensure she keeps her finger on the pulse. If elected, she is committed to listening to members and their needs and will do her best to represent those needs in the role of Councillor. Jade is especially concerned to help the Society respond more effectively to widely reported problems in some areas of the profession, including bullying and harassment. Jade believes the Law Society is well-placed to support reform and continuous improvement in practise, to ensure we achieve greater protection and respect for all, with optimal mental health and wellbeing for practitioners.

Jade's Priorities:

  1. Ensuring the Law Society continues to advocate actively for the profession on key law reform issues and policy matters of concern to members, in a manner which is representative of the profession;
  2. Continuing to encourage greater diversity within the profession, and providing corresponding support for the representation of diverse groups within the Law Society itself;
  3. Supporting young lawyers by providing firms and lawyers with the tools necessary to fulfil supervision requirements, and encouraging ongoing and adequate mentoring and sponsorship of younger practitioners;
  4. Promoting continuous improvement in practice for optimal mental health and wellbeing across the profession; and
  5. Encouraging and supporting tangible measures for innovation throughout the profession for the mutual benefit of clients and practitioners, with tailored and considered approaches responsive to firm size and any rural and/or regional needs.