Angelo Bilias

Suburban Member


Angelo is the principal of Bilias and Associates, a firm with 50 years’ combined experience in criminal law, commercial litigation, land and environment court and local government law. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Angelo was a detective for the NSW Major Crime Squad for 12 years.

Angelo is currently a member of the Professional Conduct and Licensing Committees and has previously served on the Criminal Law Committee and the Law Society Council.

Angelo says, “with this experience I bring a unique and grassroots understanding of the issues facing all solicitors but, particularly, suburban solicitors and small to mid-sized firms."

Speaking to other solicitors at Court and in practice, Angelo realised that many solicitors were struggling with day to day practice. “Solicitors are constantly telling me that they are struggling with keeping up with legislative changes and over regulation without support. Traditional areas of practice are becoming more competitive and they want representation on Council that will understand and support them”.

"The Law Society is our peak member body and it needs Councillors who will listen and be responsive to members needs. If members are struggling, whether it be with practice management, judicial bullying, regulatory compliance, loss of traditional areas of practice or mental health, they do not want high level thought leadership. They want practical support and evidence that the Law Society is lobbying governments to ensure we have laws that protect our work and our client’s rights."

Angelo says, “I am concerned that the Law Society is seen by many members as irrelevant to their daily practice. As a result, very low numbers of members actually vote in Council elections. Whether this is because we are all busy, or the Law Society has disappointed members with its service offering, I am dedicated to ensuring that if elected, I am a Councillor who is always driving a practical agenda, focussed on ensuring the Law Society remains accountable to its members."

Angelo sees the viability of our profession as resting on its collective strength and resultant bargaining power with government. By casting your vote, Angelo believes members cand send a positive and persuasive message to the Law Society and government, "Solicitors need strong and responsive representation on the Law Society Council and, if elected, I am determined to provide this. Unlike many who have been elected in the past, I am determined to remain in contact with our members throughout my time on Council, not just during election time. The Law Society should be a servant to its members and propagate a positive image of the profession.

It is essential that you vote and I would urge you to consider supporting me.”


Angelo's Priorities:

  1. Eliminate bias and enhance diversity within the Law Society and the judiciary
  2. Steadfastly pursue an increase to the legal aid rates paid to private solicitors in criminal law, care proceedings and family law matters
  3. Establish a committee within the Law Society to specifically provide support to, and pursue complaints on behalf of, our members in matters including judicial bullying, police impropriety and corrective services misbehaviour
  4. Advocate for changes to ensure that people have access to fair compensation and proper legal funding to reverse the slashing of compensation to individuals who have suffered work or other personal injuries, which continue to be under threat
  5. Pursue a sustained media campaign to raise the profile of all lawyers and particularly to recognise the importance of suburban and small-sized firms which cannot feasibly be conducted individually
  6. Flexing the collective political muscle of all members, including the largest cohort of Law Society membership to protect the viability of suburban and small-sized firms and, in turn, to protect the legal rights of the community