Sylvia Fernandez

City Member


Sylvia is a commercial litigation and dispute resolution lawyer. She was admitted to practice in 1994 and works in the Sydney CBD.

Sylvia has been a partner in national firms since 2002 and believes in working together for the benefit of the profession. She has been an active member of the Law Society's Litigation Law & Practice Committee for almost 20 years and has represented the Law Society on various court user group's during that time including the Supreme Court Rules Committee and the Equity Division's user group.

Sylvia has also been a strong supporter of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Australia having served as president and Vice President and company secretary since 2011. In 2019, she received the King of Spain's Order of Civil Merit for her work in promoting Spanish companies in the Australian market.

A key issue for all of us as we navigate through the pandemic is to make practice easier to enable us to emerge better from all the change. On a practical level this would include working with the courts and government to ensure there is a consistent practice in dealing with the courts via technology.

It is also key to maintain the Law Society's relevance especially for young lawyers by ensuring that the Law Society offers improved and tailored services to keep members and to promote new members.

Sylvia would like to support the work being done to ensure that the Law Society maintains its advocacy for the profession particularly with the all the changes brought about by the pandemic on the regulatory and technology fronts. She would also like to support the Law Society's good work in the areas of mental health, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion.

Sylvia's Priorities:

  1. Making practice easier for lawyers particularly those trying to manage the changes brought about by the pandemic
  2. Advocating for the implementation of uniform systems and practices to improve access to justice and the courts, particularly virtual courts
  3. Assisting lawyers to build resilience in their practice whether working from home or the office
  4. Ensuring that the Law Society maintains its relevance for young lawyers and tailors member services to meet the needs of members
  5. Strengthen diversity and inclusiveness within the profession