Rebekah Hunter

Corporate Member


Rebekah is a dedicated member of the Law Society and is currently chair of the Law Society’s In-House Corporate Lawyers’ Committee.

While serving on this committee for many years, Rebekah has worked as an in-house financial services lawyer in Macquarie Group’s Banking and Financial Services Group for 17 years - now with a focus on retail regulatory and industry change risk impact and assessment.

Through this experience Rebekah has a deep understanding of how varied the in-house segment is and the different issues and complexities faced by in-house legal teams, both small and large.

Rebekah has a strong focus on ensuring the relevance of the Law society for the in-house segment, strengthening the benefits of membership and supporting the great work that the has been undertaken in the areas of mental health, wellbeing, advancement of women, pro bono and diversity and inclusion. A critical issue facing the profession as a whole, is how to make practice easier while ensuring we can keep on top of ongoing technological and regulatory change - and Rebekah intends to focus the Law Society on ensuring that it can provide the necessary support.

Rebekah sees the Law Society as having a great leadership role to play in how the profession moves forward post pandemic, including the ongoing support of working from home and other flexible working arrangements for all genders, with or without dependants.

Rebekah's Priorities:

  1. Strengthen links between in house corporate segment the Law Society to improve outcomes for our whole profession.
  2. Helping lawyers recover from the pandemic professionally and personally by making practice easier.
  3. Support and promote the ongoing acceptance of flexible working for in-house lawyers for all genders, with or without dependants including post pandemic.
  4. Maintaining the Law Society’s relevance to the highly varied in-house corporate segment including increasing tailored member services and access to pro bono opportunities.
  5. Support the advancement of women in the corporate legal sector, from induction to inhouse legal teams through to promotion to senior corporate counsel and inhouse leadership positions, including via advocating mentoring, coaching as well as through networking and other opportunities.