Jennifer Ball

Large Firm Member


Jennifer Ball sees our Law Society as having the unique ability to influence Government policy and using its strong voice in policy debate to inform decision-making on the justice system, regulatory frameworks and law reform. The challenge, is to represent all areas of practice and the profession.

As a Senior Partner in the Restructuring & Insolvency practice at Clayton Utz (one of Australia's leading law firms to the Uluru Statement from the Heart), with a strong track record of industry advocacy on legal policy, Jennifer is well placed to help our Law Society remain the strategic and representative leader of solicitors in New South Wales shaping the future of the profession.

That future, she believes, is one in which all lawyers can serve their clients and therefore, the broader society seamlessly, using the best tools available. A future in which the profession truly reflects the community it serves and uses that insight to give better, more informed advice. A future in which lawyers advocate fearlessly and persuasively for the interests of our profession.

To do that, Jennifer believes we must continue to advocate for a national legal profession, in the best interests of both the profession and the Australian community. The recent announcement that Western Australia would join the Legal Profession Uniform Law Scheme in 2020 alongside NSW and Victoria, means that approximately 75-80% of Australia's practising lawyers will soon be regulated by the Uniform Law. Jennifer is keen to see our Law Society continue to promote the Uniform Law to other jurisdictions to ensure that clients across all jurisdictions are protected by consistent expectations and regulation.

With the growing importance of cross-border trade and investment, along with Australia's role in the Asia-Pacific region and the demand for fully integrated legal services, Jennifer sees these as reasons for encouraging access to practice of high-calibre foreign lawyers, who add to both the profession and the Australian community with an important role to be played by our Law Society in supporting and equipping them.

Those lawyers, together with our home-grown lawyers, all create a more diverse and inclusive legal profession. As an LGBTIQ ally at Clayton Utz, Jennifer is determined to ensure that our Law Society continues to promote equality, diversity and inclusion and continues its support of safe environments for all lawyers in the workplace and of organisations creating mentally healthy workplaces.

With the evolving nature of the workplace there are further challenges: online law firms (which disrupts traditional law practice); technological advances; and relentless 24/7 client demands of clients, all in an increasingly competitive market. Our Law Society plays a central role in equipping the legal profession to take advantage of the best in these changes and ensuring the regulatory framework responds to them.


Jennifer's Priorities:

  1. Providing a strong voice in policy debate to inform decision-making on the justice system, regulatory frameworks and law reform issues.
  2. Continuing the national push for Uniform Law with simplified, standard regulatory obligations for lawyers across Australia, so consumers of legal services get greater consistency of experience across jurisdictions.
  3. Ensuring the Law Society is proactive in delivering quality services including, appropriate training and CPD accreditation for members which are relevant to their different needs.
  4. Promoting a mentally healthy and supportive flexible working environment with equal opportunity for our diverse workforce, so we can optimise health and productivity.
  5. Ensuring that the legal profession seizes the advantages from advances in technology, so we can improve our delivery of legal services.