Jacqui Dawson

Suburban Member


Jacqui is an accredited specialist in Family Law, based in practice in Kirribilli, NSW. She is the sole principal of a firm which employs 5 solicitors, and has been practising as a solicitor for more than 25 years. She is familiar with the experience of being both an employee and the principal of a firm, and the challenges faced within those roles.

Jacqui is presently a member of the Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation Board, the Family Law Committee and the Professional Conduct Committee. Jacqui is a regular speaker at CPD events and has a strong relationship with the bar.

Jacqui’s practice includes a component of pro bono work, with a focus on clients who are financially and otherwise disadvantaged, including clients with special needs.

Jacqui has a particular interest in the mentoring of solicitors (both junior and more senior), and ensuring that they are given the best of opportunities to develop themselves professionally. She is equally interested in ensuring that those in mentoring roles are adequately educated and supported to provide the best possible leadership.

Particularly in the wake of the challenges presented by the pandemic, she has an interest in the mental health of professionals, and the desirability of addressing a sense of isolation that may be experienced by a wide range of practitioners.

Jacqui is a supporter of strong professional relationships between practitioners and encourages respectful and candid engagement with colleagues.


Jacqui's Priorities:

  1. Addressing both the benefits and the challenges that practitioners have faced as a result of the pandemic.
  2. Mentoring of young lawyers in legal skills and professionalism, and helping them advance in their career goals.
  3. Recognising and understanding the impact of the mental health of legal practitioners at all stages of practice, both senior and junior.
  4. Addressing public perception of legal practitioners and promoting the positive benefits brought to society by legal practitioners.
  5. Promoting collegiality and goodwill within the profession.