Brett McGrath

Government Member


Brett began his legal career in private practice in family law at Marsdens Law Group in South-West Sydney in 2012 before joining the national firm, Gadens as a Senior Associate in 2018.

He was elected by the Macarthur Law Society as President from 2014-2018. In this role Brett began his strong advocacy for Court resourcing and access to justice in the Macarthur and built a coalition of government, private and community organisations to advance the building of a multi-jurisdictional Court complex to meet the needs of the growing population in the region. Brett was awarded the NSW Volunteer of the Year for South-West Sydney in 2018 in recognition of his campaign for access to justice.

In 2019, Brett commenced his role as a Government solicitor as a Registrar and has recently been appointed a Senior Judicial Registrar of the new Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. Brett has been on the coalface of Court reform, including implementing the highly successful COVID-19 List.

Elected to the Council of the Law Society in 2018, Brett was elected Treasurer in 2020 and chairs the Audit, Risk & Finance Committee. Brett is also a sessional lecturer at Western Sydney University and has represented the profession on the Board of the Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales.

Brett’s career in law and his constant engagement with colleagues in the profession has given him a broad and deep understanding of legal practice and the pressures we face to balance work, life, and financial success - and what the Law Society needs to do to make practice easier in a challenging market.

Whether you are starting out as a young lawyer; taking the leap to start out in your own practice; or to find avenues to enhance your career goals; or wanting to rediscover your passion for law in advocacy for the causes the mean the most to you, Brett will be your voice on the Law Society Council to ensure it supports members at those crucial junctures in our careers.

Brett will advocate for the development of timely and tailored business, well-being, and career development programs; expand the opportunities for members to participate in the law reform advocacy work of our committees; greater court resourcing; and structure and oversight of new solicitors under a revamped supervision scheme.

Brett's Priorities:

  1. Securing ongoing and appropriate court resourcing
  2. Increasing tailored member services
  3. Elevating the public image of the legal profession
  4. Access to low cost and practical CPD
  5. Maintaining the regulatory role of the Society whilst supporting legal practitioners